Understanding Carpet Fibers


Nylon carpet, originally produced and patented by the DuPont Company, is considered the most durable carpet fiber available. Most customers looking for a good long term carpet with resiliency and good stain protection will select a premium branded nylon. Most residential nylons are not solution dyed which means they are prone to fading and staining. However, if you select a premium branded nylon product such as Stainmaster or Weardated, you will most likely have some stain protection that is applied within the carpet fibers. (For more details visitwww.stainmaster.com). Some nylon carpets are made not to shed (BCF) and some are made that will shed (Staple).


Wool is a natural fiber and is environmentally friendly. It is very soft and luxurious. It is considered a premium carpet and is generally the most expensive of all carpets. Wool is naturally fire resistant, non-allergenic, static free, is a great insulator of temperature and sound, and has great durability. However wool carpets will shed. Cleaning of wool carpets should be done by a company familiar with wool carpets. There is no stain protection applied to wool carpets, however, the natural lanolin in the wool provides natural soil resistance.

Olefin or Polypropylene

Olefin and Polypropylene carpets are the second most popular type of carpeting sold, next to Nylon. Olefin is commonly used in commercial environments. One primary advantage is that Olefin products and some Polypropylene products are generally solution dyed which means that the fiber is continuously dyed which makes it resistant to permanent discoloration from fading, staining, bleach, etc. Olefin and Polypropylene are relatively inexpensive materials, making them generally more affordable than other fibers and ideal for rental properties or selling a home. Both of these are soft fibers that generally will show signs of crushing or matting. It is best used with low-profile carpets that won’t show signs of crushing or matting.


Polyester is an inexpensive and affordable carpet that generally has a soft feel to it. It provides for excellent color clarity. It is easily cleaned by most water soluble stains. Polyester does not hold its fiber height under traffic and shifting weight as well as other carpet fibers.

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