Vinyl Plank or Vinyl Tile Flooring


Similar to laminate flooring, luxury vinyl plank (LVP) or luxury vinyl tile (LVT) provide a good option for a busy household. Although they are not as durable as laminate, they provide other benefits that laminate flooring does not.

LVP/LVT flooring is a highly resilient floor.  Most of these types of floors are photographs or designs of hardwood or tile imprinted onto a strong inner core solid waterproof material and then protected with a top wear layer.  There are different levels of wear layer (the higher the better).

These types of floors are resistant (not as resistant as laminate) to scratching, denting, fading, staining and hold up well to everyday busy families. Vinyl plank products typically do scuff more than laminate floors so if you have a very busy household (large dogs, lots of kids, heavy traffic, etc.) and this is your primary concern or focus then laminate might be your best option.  However, if your focus is a low maintenance waterproof/resistant floor then LVP/LVT might be the best option for you.  This product is ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms and any interior areas where moisture might be a consideration with another flooring product.

Maintenance is very simple and requires no long term care.  Simple vacuuming, sweeping or periodic applications of a light spray floor cleaner are all you need to do for the life of the floor.

The product is installed as a “floating” method whereby the product is installed on top of an optional thin cushion. The product rests on this optional cushion and provides for a softer walk. An optional moisture barrier roll is first installed if the product is installed over a concrete slab. There is no glue or nails needed with this installation method. Matching trim and moldings are offered by the manufacturer to provide a quality finish.


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